Featured on Design Lota Podcast: Fabrics of Culture

If you are interested in the Indian design scene then Design Lota Podcast should be your first stop. The show is hosted by Angeline Bhavya, an Interaction Designer, and Sushmita Charlu, an Industrial Designer. They take a holistic approach covering various design-related topics like mental health for creatives, the legal side of things, and of course, they talk to an interesting mix of practising designers from different backgrounds.

Sushmita and I had a fun chat about textiles, sustainability and khadi. The pandemic has shifted the handloom and khadi industry and we discussed the efforts various organisations are taking to tackle this. Sushmita brought up her experience with textiles and our conversation evolved to the everyday experience and interaction with our clothes. Do give it a listen and do share your thoughts with me!

The entire podcast is transcribed on their website : Part 1 & Part 2

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